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Small Business Invoice Factoring Tokoroa

Financing your invoices with Asset Factors is a quick, easy and flexible way to sort your business cash flow problems. By using your invoices for security, in many cases we can have you approved, and funds in your bank account within a single business day.

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Easy application process that helps you get fast approval.

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We can pay out up to 80% of your debtors ledger (accounts receivables) in less than a day.

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Rather than assets you can use your accounts receivables, your customer invoices, as security.

✔ Growth Focused

We help provide you the cash flow your need to grow your business.

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Small Business Invoice Factoring

Getting started with small business invoice factoring is straightforward. An invoice factoring facility allows you to convert your debtors ledger (the businesses you’ve invoiced and are yet to pay) to cash immediately, thus increasing your working capital and enabling you to focus on growing your business.

Also known as cashflow finance, invoice factoring and invoice discounting, invoice finance provides an alternative to the traditional bank overdraft, bankl loan, or line of credit.

You can borrow up to 80% of the value of your invoices on an on-going basis, usually while retaining any existing banking facilities that you may have.

You send your invoices to us for funding then we look after the collections for you. We send out account statements and follow up overdues.

The remaining 20% of the invoice amount is made available when the customer pays.

You no longer need to plead your customers for precious cashflow before being able to make the next move.

For further information please check out our FAQ.

Faster Cashflow Means More Working Capital

Small Business Invoice Factoring Tokoroa

Slowpaying customers can halt your business operations and plans for the future, bills, payroll, investment in technology or equipment or even employing additional people to help you grow your business. We have the solution: invoice factoring.

What do you do when clients are taking a long time to pay you for work you finished ages ago? This is where invoice factoring can help a company get the immediate cash advances on your outstanding invoices.

Small Business Invoice Factoring Can Help

Many Tokoroa business owners will be keeping an eye on their ongoing cash flow. Thankfully for companies that are worried about their cash flow, there are a range of different business funding methods available to help you in achieving a stronger financial position. An excellent option is invoice factoring – an innovative financial product that can help businessescompanies manage their cashflow.

Invoice financing works by sending invoices to us as basically your contracted credit team for collecting the invoice and handling the payment. You get an upfront payment for the invoice, without having to invest resources into chasing up the customer.

This up-front payment will represent the majority of the invoice’s value, with what’s left transferred after the invoice is settled with the debtor. The exact distribution will depend on a number of factors, although it is possible for companies to receive up to 80 per cent of the invoice at the start.

Delivering Cash Flow Predictability With

Tokoroa Small Business Invoice Factoring

At Asset Factors, our services enables approved firms to have the invoices to their quality B2B customers paid quicker. This reduces annoying waiting and provides cash flow peace of mind.

We help small and mid size companies grow by reducing their most common headache – cashflow stress. We understand the challenges of operating a company and how flexible thinking can help businesses not only meet their financial needsbut plan for growth. We work closely with our customers to ensure that our model is right for your company. We love getting to know our clients and your industry and providing you with a platform from which to grow.

For our clients, small business invoice factoring and our invoice finance services provides better cash flow when you need it. Our invoice finance is available to companies that provide products or services to business customers. Once approved, you have the flexibility to choose the invoices you would like to be paid by us, what percentage to fund, and at what time. You can use our services as much or as little as you desire, so puts you in control of your cashflow.

Sick of waiting until the 20th of the month or being paid 60 or 90 days from when you invoice? With Invoice Factoring now everyday can be like the 20th of the month. Get access to funds when you invoice without the huge wait for clients to pay.Small Business Invoice Factoring Tokoroa

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Submit copies of your invoices to your Asset Factors and receive up to 80% of the value of those invoices into your bank account. Your customers pay your us, and we then releases the remaining 20% to you. Keep submitting invoices for continuous cash flow.

What businesses are suitable for invoice factoring?

Invoice finance is for businesses that provide goods and services to other businesses on credit. If your customers are a mixture of private individuals and commercial, only invoices to your commercial customers will be funded against.

What security would I need to provide?

Most of the time you do not put up any personal property as security. Your business provides the security and there will need to be guarantees from the directors of the business.

Small Business Invoice Factoring

Do I need to submit all of my invoices?

You can choose whether to get funded against the invoices for one, some, or all of your customers. For your selected customers, you do need to fund against all of their invoices so that they only have one bank account to pay into.

Do my customers need to know that I am factoring?

Most invoice finance facilities are disclosed, meaning that your customer is aware that they are paying their invoices into the bank account of a finance company. If strict criteria are met, you may qualify for an undisclosed or confidential factoring facility.

What does it cost?

The administration fee settled on will vary depending on the size of the facility, number of debtors, invoicing cycles and other characteristics of the business and the industry you are working in. Fees may range from 1% to 5% of the face value of invoices submitted for funding. Interest is charged only on the amount borrowed (not the facility limit) and is comparable to the before-fees interest rates of bank overdrafts.

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Asset Finance Limited has been supporting New Zealand small business for over 20 years and is a non-bank issuer governed by the Reserve Bank. Its professionalism is unquestionable and its reputation on the New Zealand business markets is impeccable. Asset Factors operates from their Auckland and Whakatane offices and has the clout of this New Zealand icon company to support its factoring operation. We are also able to provide vehicle, plant and equipment and property loans directly from Asset Finance.

We are not a bank, you are not a number

While New Zealand banks are very good they will always lend on their terms only and do not have the same flexibility that our specialist invoice finance company does. We learn our client’s idiosyncrasies and adapt our facilities to suit individual needs in the spirit of partnership.

Professional yet flexible

We have professional, international grade systems and an interactive client portal that enables us to provide headache free funding solutions. Our flexibility in no way compromises the professionalism that Asset Finance has been delivering to customers for many years.

Competitive rates

Factoring with Asset Factors does not need to be expensive as our tried and proven systems serviced hundreds of New Zealand clients in the past. We charge a simple interest rate and a single admin fee based on invoice value. If your invoices are paid within 90 days this is it, we do not charge additional fees when an invoice goes to 30 or 60 days as many other New Zealand factoring companies do.

Small Business Invoice Factoring Tokoroa

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Faster Cashflow Means More Working Capital

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